The Slovak Ur-Quan Masters

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Last update: September 30, 2009

This is a complete slovak translation of The Ur-Quan Masters, made by Tomi Belan and Miška Belanová, with some translations by Peter Sandtner and many corrections by Anino Belan.

Windows installer

To install under Windows, first download and install the english version, and then download and run UQM-Slovak.exe.

Manual install

Find the content directory (inside The Ur-Quan Masters installation directory). Put uqm-0.6.0-slovak.uqm into directory packages inside it. (This is exactly what the installer does.)

If you want to install the Slovak translation as an add-on, which can be enabled or disabled, put uqm-0.6.0-slovak.uqm into a new directory content/packages/addons/slovak, and add --addon slovak to The Ur-Quan Masters command-line options. As this solution is more complicated, and its advantage over the standard manual install are doubtful, I don’t recommend it.

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